The Strongest Possible Resource

Vitamin Z posted an awesome quote from Time Keller’s The Reason for God that I wanted to share. I don’t want to post the whole quote so there’s just a little bit of it below, but it’s definitely worth the minute or two of your time to read the whole thing.

Why would such an exclusive belief system lead to behaviour that was so open to others? It was because Christians had within their belief system the strongest possible resource for practicing sacrificial service, generosity, and peace-making. At the very heart of their view of reality was a man who died for his enemies, praying for their forgiveness. Reflection on this could only lead to a radically different way of dealing with those who were different from them. It meant they could not act in violence and oppression toward their opponents.

We cannot skip lightly over the fact that there have been injustices done by the church in the name of Christ, yet who can deny that the force of Christians‘ most fundamental beliefs can be a powerful impetus for peace-making in our troubled world?

Read the rest.

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