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Last week, we kicked off our brand new blog, The Path of a Peacemaker.   Before stepping on the path that will guide us to Ascend (go to God), Reflect (examine our hearts), and Connect (forgive and reconcile), we need to take a deeper look at the context for your story and mine. Where does it all begin?

The Storyline – Jesus, God incarnate, is the story. He came to rescue us from the sin and depravity that had tarnished the world, and had caused deep heartache and brokenness. As He walked among us, He provided many rich examples and teachings which demonstrated how we are to live in relationship with God and others. From His first breath to His last, His life was a powerful illustration of humility, passion, wisdom, and compassion. Jesus, the preeminent peacemaker, chose to pay the price to reconcile the human race back to God when He laid down His life on the cross for us. All of this has brought us to the realization that without Him, we have nothing – we are nothing. With Him, we have “everything we need for life and holiness” (2 Peter 1:3).

Our Story – While Jesus is the story, and provides the framework for everything we encounter in life, we all have a story, too. While no two stories are the same, we do share the common experience of living in a fallen world that cannot know peace without the divine intervention of the Savior. Whether your life experience has been filled with times of blessing and tranquility, or you’ve struggled through fears and tears, God is moving you forward in your “story” and desires to transform both the beautiful and broken places of your life into a masterpiece. As you weave in and out of the lives of others, you can rest assured that He has a plan for you and is working that out in your life.

In the upcoming months we will take a closer look at the story of a loving father and his two sons, also known as the story of the “prodigal son.” Then, we will compare their story to our own. I hope you will stay the course with me, and will offer your own thoughts and perspectives as we travel, The Path of a Peacemaker.

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A New Path

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Welcome to Peacemaker Ministries’ new blog, The Path of a Peacemaker. As we journey this path together, it is my hope to share the Gospel and provide practical applications for peacemaking in such a way that every person in every nation can hear, understand, and bring peace in their circle of influence by living out the two greatest commands: love God and love others.

These commands, though easy enough to understand, have always been much harder to put into practice. Since the beginning of time, humanity has struggled in relationship with others and in relationship with God. We have to look no further than the first two human beings to see the effects of conflict and blame shifting. When God asked Adam why he ate the fruit of the tree, he blamed Eve. When God asked Eve why she ate of the fruit, Eve blamed the Serpent. It is clear they both knew not to eat the fruit of the tree (Genesis 1 and 3), yet they pointed fingers, blaming someone else for their sin.

Over the next several months we will discover together the path of a peacemaker, as exemplified by Christ. We will use three biblical principles to define this path: Ascend, Reflect, and Connect:

  • Ascend describes our privilege and responsibility to go to the Father, to “seek first His Kingdom,” to bask in His mercy and grace, and to see Him as the Creator and ourselves as His creation.  (Psalm 34:18-19)
  • Reflect describes the call to examine our hearts and motives and, to “first take the log out of our own eye” through repentance. (Matthew 7:4-5)
  • Connect describes the call to reach out to others, to seek forgiveness, to take responsibility for our actions or inaction, and then (and only then) to encourage others to take responsibility for theirs.  (Ephesians 4:32)

Throughout the course of history, the lives of men and women have intertwined with God and others – and ours do too! What is God’s story? What is your story? Join me next week for more on The Path of a Peacemaker.

May the God of Grace and Peace, shine his light down on us as we embark on this adventure together.

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The Path of a Peacemaker

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Greetings, Friends!

While Jesus walked this earth, He demonstrated the kind of selfless love and sacrifice that was required to change lives and reconcile mankind back to God.  As believers, we have this specific instruction: “Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do…” (Ephesians 5:1).  In order to follow Christ’s example, we, too, must be willing to lay down our rights, take up the cross, and follow Him.

As you strive to walk in the Savior’s footsteps, we want to come alongside you on that journey. With this in mind, in the coming weeks and months, the blog will offer insight and encouragement for those who are choosing to follow the path of the peacemaker.

To reflect the fresh and focused content, we will be changing the blog title from “PeaceMeal” to “The Path of a Peacemaker.”  To be clear – the blog isn’t going away – it’s just getting a name change!  Keep reading and sharing with your friends, and we’ll do our best to keep providing content that helps you be the peacemaker God has called you to be!

In His Grace,

Dale Pyne

CEO, Peacemaker Ministries


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Author of Your Story


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“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

“God intends for the gospel to completely transform every area of our daily life… [The Gospel] makes us new creations with amazing new purposes and powers.”
Taken from Resolving Everyday Conflict by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson
(Grand Rapids, Baker Books, 2011) p. 28

For an author, a blank page isn’t intimidating. It is inviting. It beckons original thought, boundless creativity, and an imagination that is free to run wild. There is something exhilarating about the possibility of writing something deeply profound, moving, entertaining, or funny. Your life is like a story – and God wants to be the author. It takes a little courage and a lot of faith to relinquish control of the pen, especially when you have grand ideas of your own. But, it’s easier to do when you pause to remember that He has big plans for you, and is ready to fill the pages of your life with great things.

Food for Thought

While everyone would like to look forward to the future with anticipation and hope, there are some who still need to make peace with the past. Perhaps there are chapters in your life that you would rewrite or delete altogether if you could. The past can’t be rewritten, but it can be redeemed. With God as the author of your story, you can be assured that whether it’s the past, present, or future, He makes all things beautiful in His time.

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