Peaces of Power


Here’s a note of encouragement that testifies of God’s grace that we received from a friend recently and wanted to share with you:

Dear Peacemakers-

Just some feedback to praise God about. I am doing my homework for the September Peacemaker conference. I have done the Peacemakers small group study in church. Therefore, in the homework when they said to think of someone I have a conflict with, there wasn’t anyone. But to be a good student I thought longer and realized there was “Jim,” a co-worker. We don’t have conflict, he just makes me and the rest of the staff crazy … baggage, needs Christ….

Then I did the homework from Ps 37 and Ps73. As I sat before the Lord, I realized my part of the conflict … and confessed it to the Lord. The next time at work, I made efforts to be friendly, and not to stir in my own heart those other baggage things. And that was good.

This week he made a mistake. We are healthcare professionals. No one was hurt. Because I saw him differently, there was no need for gossip, rolling eyes, whispers. We all make mistakes. He felt awful. I could freely remind him we all make mistakes. Had I not done the homework, I could not have done that. Maybe someday I will be able to talk to “Jim” about the Gospel, that the Lord can and will help him unpack his baggage. He helped me unpack mine. Peacemakers and the Gospel kept me from repacking an old suitcase.

Praising God–

Peaces of Power

God demonstrated to me that Christian Conciliation works everywhere even without the Christian Conciliation label.

One time I mediated a major corporate employment dispute. I expected a very long day, no agreement, very little information exchange, at least four attorneys and a lot of anger management. The mediation was held at a major law firm. The night before, I prayed, “Lord how should I handle these litigators?” He answered, “My way.” I arrived early and walked through all the rooms, praying every chair and all of the materials and forms.

The employee party arrived first. She was alone. No attorney. Next, the company’s entire Human Resource and legal staffs arrived.

God did his work during each caucus. Hearts were changed. The name of Jesus never came up, Scripture was not read, but the principles of Scripture were referred to in regard to character and the importance of truth and doing the right thing.

At the end, the employee apologized for disappointing the company, and admitted her wrong. Seeing her humility, the company forgave all the debts, paid some personal expenses for her, gave her a letter of recommendation for a new opportunity, and thanked her for her service for a considerable number of years. As the agreement was signed, there was not a dry eye in the place; even the lawyers were tearful. Jesus can work anywhere. The question is, will we allow Him to? Never put limits on the power of God’s love and how He can work through anyone, anywhere, for His glory.

She is no longer an employee with the company, but in leaving a staff member said, “We will still see you at the Christmas buffet, right?” She smiled.

– Dianne Mason
(A former Certified Christian Conciliator, who is now in Heaven)

Introducing Peaces of Power!


At St. Vincent’s Hospital in Billings, Montana, every time a baby is born, the Brahm’s Lullaby is softly played over the intercom to the entire hospital. People visiting the ICU, concerned about death, hear this reminder that there is new life in another part of the hospital. Here at the office we frequently receive reports of glorious restoration and we’d like to find a way to ring out this hope to the world. In the midst of life’s struggles, it is encouraging to hear about gospel-penetrating breakthroughs in tough, gridlocked estrangements.

As a way of involving you in the celebration that so often takes place when we hear about such wonderful stories, we want to begin a regular blog series, Peaces of Power, to provide an opportunity to praise God for the glorious things he has done through his message of reconciliation and peacemaking.

To kick off this series, here are some of the stories we’ve received:

  • Joe* teaches The Young Peacemaker regularly in his church and has participated in saving many marriages by teaching biblical conflict resolution.
  • David is teaching peacemaking principles to inmates in a men’s prison during the chapel service with 75 men in attendance.
  • Scott led a mediation (via international travel and the internet) with a missions team profoundly suffering from relational offenses from the past three years, which ended in glorious reconciliation and a plan for restoration.
  • Chris is now pastoring a church that suffered conflict for 12 years, ultimately needing intervention, and is helping the church build a culture of peace for long-term restoration.
  • Bailey is teaching The Young Peacemaker in French to former child soldiers and orphans in central Africa.
  • Marc is teaching African refugees how to build a story of redemption to reinterpret their history of conflict and expatriation from genocide.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this new feature! If you have any testimony of how God has used his Gospel to promote peacemaking and reconcile relationships in your life that you’d like to share, please let us know via our comments or email us at

*To honor confidentiality, in this list we’ve changed the names and places. These stories originally were featured in our e-publication, Reconciled.