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Peacemaker University


Living a Legacy of PeaceOur sessions are now available to participate in over at Peacemaker University for anyone who would like to experience our conference content but couldn’t be with us in Colorado Springs. The virtual conference experience is $199, however, we are offering financial aid for individuals who would like to attend.

Visit our conference registration page for more information about pricing and registration or email for information about our financial aid.


Testimonies of Impact – Ringing out Hope to the World

At St. Vincent’s Hospital in Billings, Montana, every time a baby is born, the Brahm’s Lullaby is softly played over the intercom to the entire hospital. People visiting the ICU, concerned about death, hear this reminder that there is new life in another part of the hospital. Here at the office we frequently receive reports of glorious restoration and we’d like to find a way to ring out this hope to the world. In the midst of life’s struggles, it is encouraging to hear about gospel-penetrating breakthroughs in tough, gridlocked estrangements.

Continuing prayers and support from partners like you are having an impact in many lives and in many ways. Here are some of the stories we’ve recently received:

  • Joe* teaches The Young Peacemaker regularly in his church and has participated in saving many marriages by teaching biblical conflict resolution.
  • David is teaching inmates in a men’s prison peacemaking principles during the chapel service with 75 men in attendance.
  • Scott led a mediation (via international travel and the internet) with a missions team profoundly suffering from relational offenses from the past three years, which ended in glorious reconciliation and a plan for restoration.
  • Chris is now pastoring a church that suffered conflict for 12 years, ultimately needing intervention, and is helping the church build a culture of peace for long-term restoration.
  • Bailey is teaching the French Young Peacemaker to former child soldiers and orphans in central Africa.
  • Marc is teaching African refugees how to build a story of redemption to reinterpret their history of conflict and expatriation from genocide.

*To honor confidentiality, in this list we’ve changed the names and places.

In 2014 and beyond, you can help push forward new projects and methods of delivery to increase awareness and target education to groups of people who need peacemaking—people who’d like to navigate life in marriage well, people who desire peace with God and with neighbors, people seeking to lay a gospel foundation for the next generation. People like you, who believe our brothers and sisters in Christ need peacemaking skills, provide the fuel that advances Peacemaker Ministries and transforms people’s lives. Please consider making an investment today that will help expand peacemaking to more hurting and needy people in the coming months!

Letting Pastors Be Real

CT LogoDale Pyne was recently interviewed for an article in Christianity Today entitled “Letting Pastors Be Real,” which focused on some unique pressures that he sees on pastoral ministry. Here’s a short excerpt:

Aside from a pastor’s personal weaknesses, what cultural forces make it harder for pastors to stay true in their calls?

We have a cultural tendency to elevate leaders. Maybe it’s because they have an extraordinary education or a title or a position. Maybe it is because they have had a great deal of success in the growth of their church, or as an author or speaker. Whatever the reason, we’re creating minigods in our minds and hearts. That creates expectations in leaders, and expectations are the foundations for disappointment.

Read the rest online.

Curious About Training?

Ever wondered what our training is about or what you’d learn if you attended? Check out our new video overview for our training to get an idea of what we do and how we might serve you:

Training Promo from Peacemaker Ministries on Vimeo.

Our training courses are designed to supplement and build upon the basic principles of peacemaking, which are given to us in Scripture. This training is an integral part of embedding peace into your church, your vocation, and indeed, into every aspect of your life through a Gospel-centered Biblical approach to conflict resolution. Students learn how to assist others resolve conflict according to biblical principles and applying the Gospel to their specific situation.

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Smokin’ Hot Deal – Until February 1st!

Smokin' Hot Deal!

We have a pretty smokin’ hot deal going on right now for our annual conference and pre-conference registration.

Now through February 1, 2013 purchase a regular conference registration (workshops) and get 50% off any Pre-Conference training event! That means you can purchase conference registration at $199 and then sign up for Reconciling Marital Conflict, Reconciling Church Conflict, or Conflict Coaching and Mediation for $300 (normal price is $600 until Feb. 1) or sign up for Certification for $350 (normal price is $700 until Feb. 1).

We hope you’ll take advantage of this price as this is an amazing deal and the best deal you can get for this conference and pre-conference (save up to $350!). You will need to register and pay for both by Feb. 1st. You will receive a discount code for pre-conference training in your confirmation email after registering for the conference.