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Living a Legacy of PeaceOur sessions are now available to participate in over at Peacemaker University for anyone who would like to experience our conference content but couldn’t be with us in Colorado Springs. The virtual conference experience is $199, however, we are offering financial aid for individuals who would like to attend.

Visit our conference registration page for more information about pricing and registration or email for information about our financial aid.


A Note from Dale

A Note From Dale

In less than two weeks, peacemakers from around the world will gather in Colorado Springs to celebrate the Lord’s ministry of reconciliation through biblical peacemaking. I am looking forward to the fellowship, corporate prayer and praise, and the testimonies of Living the Legacy of Peace that God has graciously brought to his people through the ministry of reconciliation. I am also looking forward to the teaching times—the pre-conference training events, the workshops, and the keynote speakers.

The professional biographies for our keynote speakers are listed online, but I would like to tell you a little bit more about why these particular people were invited to serve at our conference:

meyerRev. Dr. Jason Meyer is one of the most humble and gifted men I have ever met. In addition to being a seminary professor and theologian, Pastor Meyer has been entrusted with the pulpit that formerly was filled by the inimitable Rev. Dr. John Piper, which I believe is a clear testament to Rev. Meyer’s extraordinary gifts as a preacher and to his character as a faithful Christ-follower. During his keynote, Rev. Meyer will be sharing with us the tremendous story of peace and peacemaking that his church recently lived out. I’m excited to hear from Rev. Meyer’s heart and I hope you are too.

GaryHoagDr. Gary Hoag brings a message that is especially relevant to peacemakers because he identifies the way Christ-followers can fall into the “common path” (guided by their own desires and purposes and influenced by the media, celebrity and hype, numbers, dollars, and manipulative practices) and then he differentiates that common path from the radically biblical “higher road” path (guided by Kingdom outcomes). As we all know, the pull to self-centered interests is often at the heart of destructive conflict. This is just one reason why I am confident that Dr. Hoag’s New Testament scholarship will greatly benefit us all as he shares with us his insights into peace, shalom, and unity.

BradyBoydResizePastor Brady Boyd is a Texas boy who bravely came to Colorado to take on the daunting task of filling a pulpit following the moral failure of a high-visibility Christian leader. As if the conflicts associated with that desert experience weren’t challenging enough, Pastor Boyd and his church went through the unimaginable horror of a lone gunman shooting and killing several young girls (sisters) while they were attending their church service. The power of God is clearly at work in the testimony and legacy of this church that has ministered peace not only to the family of the dead victims, but also to the family of the dead gunman. This is a keynote session that you do not want to miss.

Val-SheanAnd finally, let me tell you about the treasure we have in Dr. Val Shean Lomilo, who is traveling all the way from Uganda to share with us the story of the Lord’s ministry of peace to a (formerly) warring, violent, aggressive, Karamojong tribe. Thanks to God’s grace ministered through this wise and godly woman, and the US-based team of peacemakers that she brought in to assist with the conflict, the Karamojong people have turned away from generations of revenge killings to establish a new way of life, in a new village—The Peace Village. I have no doubt that we will be on the edge of our seats as we hear more specifics about the oft’ life-threatening circumstances that Dr. Val faced as she worked alongside other peacemakers to serve the Karamojong people, and we will rejoice in how, several years later, God is continuing to transform lives among the tribal members.

DalePyneCroppedWon’t these speakers lead us well in remembering and celebrating Living a Legacy of Peace? And we have many other gifted peacemakers serving us during the workshop times too.

I hope that you will make plans now to join us in Colorado Springs September 25-27. And if you can’t join us in person, I hope to see you online through our virtual conference.

Grateful for the Legacy of Peace and for the future!





Dale Pyne, CEO of Peacemaker Ministries

An Invitation from Brady Boyd

Here’s a short video from Pastor Brady Boyd in Colorado Springs inviting you to our annual conference:

Pastor Brady Boyd invite to 2014 Conference from Peacemaker Ministries on Vimeo.

Brady Boyd is the Senior Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO and you can find him on Twitter under @PastorBrady. Brady is married to his college sweetheart, Pam and is the dad to great kids named Abram and Callie. He has written four books, Addicted to BusyFear No Evil, Sons & Daughters, and Let Her Lead. (All are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble). He’s also really serious about caring for the people of Colorado Springs by opening numerous Dream Centers.

If you’re interested in attending our conference this year, check out our conference website for more information or to register.

#TBT with Tara Barthel

We’re taking this opportunity to do a little Throwback Thursday action (#TBT for you Twitter folk) by reposting Tara Barthel’s keynote session from our conference last year. It really is a great message and I hope you take the time to watch her explain the real source of living a remarkably different life.

2013 Peacemaker Conference – Tara Barthel – General Session from Peacemaker Ministries on Vimeo.


We’re also excited that Tara is going to be teaching a few workshop sessions at our conference in Colorado Springs this year. She’s a great component to our stimulating and relevant workshop lineup.

If you’re interested in information about the workshops at our conference or registering to attend, visit our conference website. Also, if you’re interested in more information about Tara, Peacemaking Women, or her awesome blog, visit her website.

Introducing: Valery Shean

We wanted to take a moment on this blog to introduce one of our conference keynote speakers, Valery Shean. Dr. Val Shean Lomilo serves as a veterinary missionary in Uganda with the violent, aggressive, Karamojong tribe, together with a local Christian NGO called CLIDE Consultancy: Community Livestock Integrated Development Consultancy. Dr.Val has been there over 20 years and has been accepted into the tribe as one of their own. As a veterinarian, she has been able to help the local people to care for their livestock, which is extremely valuable to the Karamojong, who are a warring, nomadic, pastoral tribe; cattle are at the center of their lives. They have been resistant to the Gospel for many decades, but are now beginning to strongly take a hold of Christ and grow in Him.

Here’s a short video about her work in Uganda:

Dr Valery Shean
from Peacemaker Ministries on Vimeo.

We’re very excited to have Dr. Val join us in September and are looking forward to hearing what she has to say in Colorado Springs! If you’re interested in more information about our conference or attending, visit our conference website.

3 Reasons to Go to Conference

Here’s a great video by one of our keynote speakers, Gary Hoag, with three reasons you should go to conference:

Dr. Gary Hoag from Peacemaker Ministries on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in attending this year’s conference, visit our conference website for more information. Prices increase after August 15th so register now for the best price!

Outstanding Testimony: I could have SUED and WON

Over at her blog, Tara Barthel has a great reflection on how God provided the means for her to go to The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference and provided much grace in a situation that could have easily ended differently. I’m just going to include a snippet here so be sure to go read the whole (amazing and funny) thing:

Again, the lead flight attendant rushed to my side and offered to have a “medical team” meet us at the [connecting big city]. Again, I didn’t think that was necessary, but I did ask for some towels/bandaids. And that time? I did cry. No sobbing or sounds, just hot, frightened tears rolling down my cheeks as the flight crew (finally!) emptied the obviously defective overhead storage bin so that this would not be a triple-play kind of injure-the-passenger-situation.

As my tears subsided and my barf-bag-of-ice melted against my scraped and sore body, I pretty much re-read in my mind Appendix D in Ken Sande’s book, The Peacemaker (“When Is It Right To Go To Court?“) and the “Biblical Conflict Resolution” Appendix of the PCA’s Book of Church Order. It was clear what I had to do:

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.” Abraham Lincoln

The next morning, when the Vice-President of the airline’s insurance carrier called me, I violated every mantra of legal negotiation and just told him the truth: I was a Christian and a peacemaker and I had no intention of suing the airline, as long as I was treated fairly and justly. I told him honestly what happened (on the phone and in writing) and, after a few short weeks, I was offered a fair settlement. The dollar amount was just enough to send me to Orlando so that I could have the joy of serving The Gospel Coalition on the LiveBlog. And that’s exactly what I did.

Read the rest here.

Tara will be leading two workshops at our annual conference, Living a Legacy of Peace, in September in Colorado Springs. If you’re interested in seeing her live there, check out our conference website for more information.

Special Tour at Conference Available!

Just Announced:

Peacemaker Ministries has set up a tour with Adventures Out West just for our attendees. If you want a taste of Colorado Springs then you can sign up to take the Garden of the Gods tour with us.

A van will pick up the attendees at the Antlers Hilton at 9:00am on Sunday, September 28th for a 1 hour tour through Garden of the Gods. The van will return the attendees back to the hotel. Cost is $30/person. Please call Adventures Out West at 719-578-0935 to make your reservations under the group “Peacemaker Ministries.” Space is limited to 14 people so sign up early.

This tour will give you plenty of time to still travel home on Sunday but allow you to experience a bit of God’s creation in Colorado Springs.